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NextFuel AB is headquartered in Stockholm with branches in Oslo and Vienna. Our first factory is situated in Austria, and the first large scale projects are currently in the process of being implemented in East Africa and South America.


NextFuel was established in Scandinavia in 2016 (formally re-named to NextFuel in 2017) to bring this innovative fuel technology to the global market, and is the sole owner of the patents and technology. Our roots go back to an international consortium established by Wild and Partner, Andritz Group and Polytechnick with research grants from the Austrian state/EU. This R&D lead to a technological breakthrough that has been developed and tested over a six-year period.  The consortium company ACB is now owned by NextFuel AB and the key personnel from this consortium have been joined by other co-founders with extensive background from energy, marketing and other start-up companies. 


NextFuel made the first public appearance at Arnold Schwarzenegger's R20 Regions of Climate Action (Austrian World Summit) in May 2018, and was there chosen as one of ten best practice projects. NextFuel received a high compatibility score with the United Nations Development Goals in this report from the summit.

Elisabeth Köstinger, Austrian minister for sustainability and tourism, and president of the European Environment Council, learns more about NextFuel at COP24.

Elisabeth Köstinger, Austrian minister for sustainability and tourism, and president of the European Environment Council, learns more about NextFuel at COP24.

NextFuel presented the fuel for the first time at the United Nations Climate Summit in Poland (COP24) on December 12 2018.

In the weeks leading up to the COP24 presentation, NextFuel was featured in several medias around the world, and picked up a few awards. The New Economy ranked NextFuel as a top 5 innovative alternative to fossil fuel in this article, while renewable energy magazine, Edie, picked NextFuel as one of their top green innovations of the week. Business Worldwide Magazine gave their 2018 «Clean Technology CEO of the Year Award» to the CEO of NextFuel AB.

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COO Henning Hverven presenting NextFuel at Green Awards May 2019.

COO Henning Hverven presenting NextFuel at Green Awards May 2019.

In May 2019 NextFuel finished as one of the top3 clean tech startups in the world at the Green Awards, which is considered the most prestigious award in the world for clean tech companies.

In 2019 NextFuel, together with local licensing partners, plan to begin the roll-out of the first large commercial projects. In our first African project the target is to replace 250 000 tons of coal with our CO2 negative NextFuel briquette, thereby cutting our client's energy cost in half in one of their cement factories. 





NextFuel AB is the technology provider of the unique and patented NextFuel technology. We work closely with several industrial partners when delivering our solution to clients all around the world. Three of our most important partners are the companies below.

Andritz Group is a globally leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for several industrial sectors as well as for biomass pelleting. The publicly listed technology group is headquartered in Graz, Austria, and has a staff of approximately 29 000 employees and operates more than 280 sites in over 40 countries.  Andritz is NextFuel’s main supplier of torrefaction reactors and process technology.

Polytechnik is one of the leading suppliers for biomass combustion plants globally and famous for the planning and delivery of turn-key plants. The Polytechnik group with headquarters in Weissenbach, Austria, employs around 230 people and operates four ISO 9001 certified production facilities as well as more than 15 engineering, sales and service subsidiaries throughout Europe and four centers overseas. Polytechnik delivers the energy system for the NextFuel process.

C.F. Nielsen is a company with a history of more than 125 years and is recognized as the leader in mechanical briquetting. They are headquartered in Bælum, Denmark and have several hundred briquetting presses in operation spread over all 5 continents. C.F Nielsen delivers the densification equipment for the NextFuel process.



NextFuel currently have close to 200 shareholders. Our target is to become a major global energy company and to list our company in two to five years on a larger stock exchange. To scale quicker, we are open for equity investments in our current funding round and for project financing in different projects around the globe. The faster we grow, the sooner we can replace the world’s use of fossil fuels and reverse global warming.